TechnoZoids logo

The brand's logo

Techno Zoids was a line of plastic toy robotic model kits made by Kenner from 1994-1997.

Zoids in the lineEdit

  • Armored Gator
  • Evil Scorpion
  • Demon Lizard
  • Dragon Fly
  • Strike 'Zilla
  • Storm Tiger
  • Claw (Wildcat)
  • Saber (Tiger)
  • Iron Kong (Gorilla)
  • Zoidzilla (Godzilla-like lizard)
  • Battlesaurus (Brontosaurus)
  • Evil Pegasus
  • Venom Snake
  • Doberman (Dog)
  • Mega Mammoth (Mammoth)
  • Thunder Tri-Tops (Tricertops)
  • Small Battlesaurus

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