77 KidsBig Bad Beetleborgs Beetle Nuggets Power MealBurger King Mac & Cheetos
Burger King WhopperitoCrystal PepsiDoritos
Fictional brands WikiGatorade VaderadeJohnson's Winnie the Pooh bath products
KennerKid CuisineKid Cuisine/All Star Chicken Nuggets
Kid Cuisine/Barney's Dino Bites Chicken NuggetsKid Cuisine/Lego Batman Chicken NuggetsKid Cuisine/Nickelodeon Green Slimed Macaroni and Cheese
Kid Cuisine/Nickelodeon Slime Dunk Chicken NuggetsKid Cuisine/Superpowered Grilled Cheese SandwichKid Cuisine (Eruowood)
Kid Cuisine (Jetania)Kool-AidLibbyland Dinners
Libbyland Dinners/Dinosaur Chicken NuggetsLittle 77Lunchables
Lunchables/All Star BurgersLunchables/All Star Hot DogsLunchables/Pizza Dunks
Lunchables/Pizza SwirlsLunchables ColaLysol Pine Action
Mountain Dew Code RedOreo O'sPampers Feel 'n Learn
Pepsi CoolPepsi ExtremePepsi Twist
Pepsi Yoda PopPower Rangers Lunch PacksPower Rangers Power Meals
Power Rangers Power Meals/Cheese and Pepperoni PizzaPower Rangers Power Meals/Cheeseburger SandwichPower Rangers Power Meals/Cheesy Pizza Crust Dippers
Power Rangers Power Meals/Chicken NuggetsPower Rangers Power Meals/Fish SticksPower Rangers Power Meals/Grilled Cheese Sticks
Power Rangers Power Meals/Macaroni and Cheese with Hot DogsPower Rangers Power Meals/Morphenomenal Mini TacosPower Rangers Power Meals/Pancakes and Sausage Breakfast
Power Rangers Power Meals/Plain Cheese PizzaPower Rangers Power Meals/Spaghetti Rings and MeatballsPower Rangers Power Meals/Waffle Sticks Breakfast
Saban FoodsSir Chomps-A-LotSprinkle Spangles
SurgeTechno ZoidsTyson Looney Tunes Meals
Tyson Looney Tunes Meals/Bugs Bunny & Tasmanian Devil PastaTyson Looney Tunes Meals/Foghorn Leghorn & Henery Hawk PastaWendy's Chicken Teriyaki Bowl
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