Johnson's Winnie the Pooh is a line of kids bath products made by Johnson & Johnson featuring Disney's Winnie the Pooh characters that was introduced in 1992.



  • Pooh's 2-n-1 Conditioning Shampoo (US, Canada, UK, Jetania, Eruowood)
  • Tigger's Bath Bubbles (US, Canada, UK, Jetania, Eruowood)
  • Piglet's Body Wash (US, Canada, UK, Jetania, Eruowood)
  • Eeyore's Detangling Spray (US, Canada, UK, Jetania, Eruowood)
  • Owl's Kids Hand Soap (US, Canada, UK, Jetania, Eruowood)


  • Pooh's Shampoo (1992-1999; US, Canada, UK, France, Jetania)
  • Eeyore's Detangling Conditioner (1992-1999; US, Canada, UK, France, Jetania)
  • Pooh & Friends Sudsy Soap Bars (1994-1997; US, Canada, UK, Eruowood, Jetania)
  • Pooh & Tigger Kids Flushable Wipes (2001-2009; US, Canada, UK, Eruowood, Jetania)

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